How to choose the correct running shoe ?

The perfect running shoe: The fit

When it comes to choosing the correct running shoe, it is all about the fit. The first rule for finding the right shoe would be the heel. The back part of your foot should not have a lot of room to wiggle about, this is how chaffing happens, and then blisters which can shut down the most experienced runner. Your heel should have a snug fit in the back, but it should not feel squeezed into place.

Next, the space at the top of your shoe, where the laces are, should have some room, but again a snug fit.

The perfect running shoe: The inner comfort

When trying on shoes, don’t be discouraged when the fit isn’t the best. Try re-lacing the shoes in a different fashion to create more room. If that does not work, then move on to a different shoe. Another thing to look out for would be the width of the shoe.

Your shoe should have room for your foot to breathe and move about a half an inch to either side. As far as length, from heel to toe, there should be about a quarter inch of room (enough to move your foot back and forth but not much else). Also, make sure you have enough flex in your shoe.

The perfect running shoe: The test

You can test this by placing your heel on the floor and then try to create an arch in your foot and try to touch your toes to the floor without the middle of your foot touching the ground. Your shoe should flex along the same lines as your foot does.

The perfect running shoe: The verdict

And finally, the shoe should just feel right. If there is anything wrong with the feeling of your foot while inside the shoe, try to readjust the lacing and then if a problem still persists, move on to another shoe.

The runner’s shoe should be the best friend and the most important material that a runner wears. It is an extension of the legs and the protector of the feet. Choosing the correct shoe can be a very important decision and one runners should take seriously.


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