Ferulic Acid against Free Radicals

Please read below text from the view of a runner how helps ferulic acid against free radicals.

Running has a lot of health benefits to its participants. Those who actively engage in the sport are able to keep their weight in check, reduce the levels of cholesterol in their body and keep stress at bay. This has ensured that people are fitter, healthier and happier and this has seen people take up running in an attempt to improve their lives.

Running, however, just like anything good, has its own set of challenges in the form of the oxidation of muscle cells as a result of strenuous activities. Running is quite vigorous and you will require a lot of oxygen if you want to run further and for a long period of time. The increased levels of oxygen in the body result in enhanced oxidative stress on the body cells that manifests itself in the form of fatigue, muscle soreness and inflammation of muscle cells in the body. This damage is done by tiny little monsters known as free radicals.

The formation of free radicals

During respiration, body cells grab electrons from the food substances they burn and combine them with oxygen so as to generate energy for the workout. This process usually results in stray electrons which cause a lot of havoc with the body. The stray electrons react with other bond molecules in the body in an attempt to attain fulfillment and this results in a lot of broken bonds. This reaction happens several times in a minute and it results in a lot of free radicals in the body.

How the body deals with free radicals

Natural occurring anti-oxidants in the body are sufficient in dealing with the free radicals produced in the body but strenuous activities such as running produce too much of them, making the natural occurring anti-oxidants inefficient in dealing with the menace of free radicals. Runners are, therefore, advised to supplement their diet with essential anti-oxidants and ferulic acid is one such substance.

Ferulic acid as an anti-oxidant

Ferulic acid is found in plenty in natural foods such as brown rice, oats, peanuts, and pineapples. It possesses anti-oxidation properties and when it is made part of a runner’s diet, it reduces the damage brought about by free radicals by inhibiting their rapid spread as well as removing them entirely from circulation before they cause any harm to the body cells. They are basically a useful clean-up crew that sweeps away free radicals and prevents their formation.


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