How to start running – The ultimate guide for couch potatoes

Running is one of the best exercises that individuals can partake in to keep fit and remain healthy. It is one of the cheap forms of exercise as well since all you need to run effectively is the right gear and lots of open spaces. You won’t have to pay for gym membership or acquire costly workout equipment and this makes running one of the cost-effective ways to stay fit. We, therefore, developed this piece to help you understand how to start running and improve your life.

A lack of discipline and a busy schedule are some of the reasons why you haven’t actively up running as a sport and this has seen you turn to a couch potato. You’ve, therefore, gotten lazier and heavier and this has brought about a lot of health challenges. Heart complications, breathing difficulties, and lifestyle diseases are the norm and running is one of the exercises that will help you keep such challenges at bay. But how do you go about it? How will you begin your journey to greatness and a healthier lifestyle? This guide will take you through the nitty-gritties of running as a form of exercise and how to transition from being a couch potato into a healthier version of you.

lose weight picRunning to lose weight

Exercise is one of the key components of a healthy lifestyle but unfortunately, people hardly get the time engage in it. Family and work commitments keep people busy and engaged for the entire day leaving them with very little time for running and other exercises. Such commitments usually leave people exhausted and worn out and as such, they use the little time they get to relax and unwind on their couches. They also binge on unhealthy foodstuffs such as greasy fries, pizza, and wings since they are too tired to prepare healthy meals. They end up putting up the pounds, become heavier and immobile.

Such a lifestyle is quite addictive and the people end up spending most of the time seated on their couches eating and lazing around. This results in excessive weight gain and running is one of the best ways to lose weight and remain healthy. Running helps individuals burn calories quickly due to its vigorous nature. It also ensures that they get to burn the calories uniformly for effective weight loss. Fat in the abdominal area is a big challenge to those struggling with body weight and running will ensure that you lose the fat in this area for a leaner and slimmer look.

Weight gain is usually associated with an increased appetite and running has been found effective in appetite suppression. Your urge to eat will, therefore, be low and this will help you keep your calories intake low. The fact that you will be burning a lot of calories quickly and eating a lot less due to a suppressed appetite makes running one of the most effective ways to lose weight and those struggling with weight issues should start running for the best results. Other benefits of running include:

  • It alleviates stress and boosts your mental clarity. This goes a long way to improve your mood and this makes you great company.
  • You get to experience a runner’s high after a successful run. Running stimulates the production of feel-good hormones that enhance your feelings of self-worth.
  • You look and feel younger when you run. Running fights the body’s natural aging process and stimulates sweating which helps remove toxins in the body that are responsible for aging and skin damage. It also fights muscle and bone damage as a result of inactivity.
  • Running increases energy levels in the body and this way you are able to go about your activities with ease.
  • You boost your overall health when you run regularly. Running helps you fight diseases in the body and reduce the risk for heart attacks by keeping the cholesterol levels in your body low.
  • Running will give you the body that you desire and this will go a long way to boost your confidence and self-esteem.

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