Running Shoes Brands We Love

Daily exercise for people can be a stress relieving part of someone’s day. The runners high after going for a morning jog can  have a real positive impact and make someone feel refreshed at the start of their day. But the thing that makes all of this possible would be the running shoes. It is an athlete’s best friend and a beginner’s most comforting confidant.
Imagine, if you will, someone who gets out of bed every morning to exercise. They stop their alarm from ringing, rub their eyes, and get dressed. The last thing they put on would be their shoes. It is the last or one of the last important piece of equipment every athlete puts on before going out to compete. And this is why you should love your running shoes. If they are properly fitted, with the correct amount of cushion and protection, they can save pain and headaches while providing you the cloud you need to press on in the mornings or the late night jogs.

What running shoe should I use ?

Everyone is different when it comes to his or her preference of running shoe. There are those who prefer the tight shoe that hugs their entire foot in a warm embrace and never lets go.

There are those who want as much room as possible to allow their foot to breathe while they take on the day or finish out their evening. And there are those who want to make their feet look good while trying to get their body to look good.

Pro Runners

If you are a serious runner, i.e. training for a race, half-marathon, marathon, then you should look into more high-end shoes that form to your feet. You want to be able to know the shoe inside and out because you want to be able to compete at the highest level possible for yourself. The shoe you choose should not only feel good when you are running in it for the first mile, but also in the last 100 yards of the race you are in. Comfort, especially in those long distance races is key. You should have a shoe that you love and that loves you back.


Hobby Runners

For those who are simply exercising daily or are trying to get into shape, perhaps a shoe that is a bit looser is better for you. You don’t want your feet to feel cramped when you go for a 20-30 minute jog, you want to be able to maneuver you foot inside your shoe and be able to breathe. These shoes are generally cheaper than those used by racers, which is good because you aren’t doing the running for the fame. They also tend to last a pretty long time if you take care of them.

What brands we love ?

There are many different types of brands of shoes, from the obvious ones like Nike and Adidas, to the lesser known but still reliable PUMA, Asics, and New Balance. Nike running shoes, unless specified, are generally tighter for most people.

You can get wide-fitting shoes from the company, but they are generally smaller shoes in width.This would be for more serious runners and ones who may be running a longer distance in their daily exercise. Adidas shoes are a little looser than Nike shoes, but they are about the same as far as the quality of material.

The other brands mentioned all are quality shoes that are cheaper than Nike and Adidas. Asics is a company based out of Japan that has a variety of high-end athletic shoes. PUMA, meanwhile, is a shoe company based out of Germany that does produce athletic wear, but also fashionable shoes. And New Balance is an American shoe company that makes affordable athletic wear shoes.

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