Review: Asics GEL-Kayano 24 NYC running shoe

Choosing a good running shoe might feel like a straightforward affair, but there are different factors to consider before you get the best. When I started running, one of my running shoes, my favorite, felt comfortable when I walked on it. However, after running for a few days, the shoe started feeling uncomfortable and I developed blisters. I bought three more pairs of shoes that never felt comfortable. When I learnt how to pick a good pair from the host of shoes on the market, I picked a shoe that has lasted me for years and make my running a cinch. Asics GEL-Kayano 24 NYC would have been a great shoe if it was in the market when I was shopping.

Introducing Asics Gel-Kayano 24 NYC


The Gel-Kayano 24 comes as the 24th model in the Kayano line of shoes from Asics. It is one of the most innovative shoes from the manufacturer, sporting a thoughtful design for athletes and individuals who work out daily. Each pair is designed with an adaptive fit on the upperside with a true-to-size fit. It offers stability and comfort to overpronators to improve their running efficiency and reduce the risk of injury significantly. The shoe is made to hug your feet and cushion them from impact while you run, making each mile comfortable.

The most important feature on the shoe is the impact guidance system, which links the components of the shoe from heel to toe to enhance the natural gait of your foot. Its midsole technology is designed to enhance bounce back with improved responsiveness irrespective of the distance. This is unlike other soft, low density shoe foams that pack out with distance. Its performance is enhanced by its innovative design, which offers support at all the right places, offers cushioning without increasing the shoes weight, and is durable giving you value for money.

The Asics Gel-Kayano 24 NYC was designed for a city that does not sleep,  New York city. It is an ideal pair if you have a feet condition or you have normal feet and you are searching for comfort, support, and durability in a shoe. Its midsole technology allows it to fit perfectly on those with conditions such as plantar fasciitis and flat foot.

Asics Gel-Kayano 24 NYC  Pros and Cons


• Ideal for high, medium, low and no-arch individuals
• Designed with a mesh top to hug the wearer perfectly
• Has an evolved adaptive fit on the upper-side, letting you get your true fit
from even when you are between sizes
• All components of the shoe are linked, enhancing a natural gait and protecting you from injuries
• The shoe is designed lightweight and offers support and comfort


• Offered at a relatively high price
• The shoe does not feel flexible when you run on it
• The toe box feels restrictive in the upgraded design especially if you have wide feet


Midsole Construction

Each Asics Gel-Kayano 24 comes with a rearfoot gel cushioning system, which uses a silicone based gel. This allows it to absorb shock on impact, allowing you to run for long distances without the risk of injury on your foot. The rearfoot gel cushioning was specifically geared towards moderate runners who step on the whole feet while they run. This allows equitable weight distribution protects you from overpronation or underpronation.

There is also a forefoot gel cushioning system, which also uses a silicone based gel to absorb shock on impact. Forefoot cushioning is ideal for those who run fast and step on their front part of the foot. When you are running in any manner, slow or fast, and you have a foot condition, the forefoot and rearfoot cushioning system offers you support while enhancing your comfort.

The silicone based gel is said to be a form of convergence gel. This gel distributes shock better than other gels on the market. Its overall effectiveness in cushioning is, therefore, better on high and low impact. Even after high impact, the foam bounces back to position, offering you long lasting support and comfort. This form has been innovatively designed to offer support to all the right places, allowing you comfort and protecting you from injuries.

The shoe features FlyteFoam technology, which utilizes organic fibers embedded into the foam, offering lightweight resilience. The overall weight of the shoe, therefore, remains low while the shoe still offers comfort and support.

Midsole Technology

The midsole is designed to enhance the comfort of the runner irrespective of the running distance. For this, it features a discrete heel unit, which is the component of impact guidance system, which allows the shoe to absorb shock perfectly on the heel. This is especially important for those with plantar fasciitis and flat foot conditions. Its FluidRide technology offer the best combination of bounce-back and responsive cushioning while reducing shoe weight and increasing durability. This FluidRide technology responds to the weight of the wearer, letting the cushioning get pressed and then bounce back as required.

Each shoe has a guidance line, which is a vertical flex groove located on the forefoot. It is designed to improve your gait, making you feel natural when wearing the shoe. By so doing, the shoe is able to increase your performance to levels you never imagined possible.

The Dynamic DuoMax Support system is designed to reduce over pronation by simply controlling how your feet move and enhancing a smooth heel to toe transition. This protects your foot further from injuries that might result from over pronation. The shoe corrects your overpronation, allowing to have a close to natural gait. Each shoe also sports Guidance Trusstic System, on top of the Dynamic DuoMax Support system. The Trusstic system offers a lightweight support system for additional torsional rigidity. This protects you when you are running fast and under high impact.

The impact guidance system is perhaps the most innovative midsole technology. It links all the components of the shoe, giving you a gait that is so close to natural. This enhances a smooth heel to toe transition. This is the feature that allows the shoe to protect you from any form of injury when you are running.

The shoes are designed for specific gender – the men shoe is designed with a cushioning different from that of women. The Solyte forefoot cushioning offers additional cushioning, enhancing comfort even further.

Innovative Outsole

The outsole of the shoe is designed to last long, resist impact, fit your shoe shape perfectly, and offer you comfort. It is made of Asics High Abrasion Rubber ( AHAR ), at the shoe’s heel. This heel is made of carbon rubber, which offer exceptional durability. This rubber is placed at critical areas of the shoe to offer durability. Again, the rubber is designed for support and responds to the weight of the wearer. The same AHAR material is used to make the DuraSponge Outsole in the shoe’s forefoot. The blown AHAR compound on the forefoot outsole offers responsive cushioning and enhances flexibility of the shoe. This allows you to wear the shoe in different running situations.

Each shoe comes with rear foot crash pad designed to slow pronation rate, and offering you a smooth and balanced transition from heel to toe. Each of the outsole features and technologies offer comfort while ensuring that your foot maintains its right position for a smooth running experience even when you have a foot condition.

The outsole is not thick, nor is it thin, but rather matches the weight and size of the shoe. It is also lightweight to make the shoe comfortable. Like the midsole cushioning, the outsole also bounces back to position after impact.

Strong and Intelligent Upper Shoe Construction

The top part of the shoe looks simple, light, and comfortable. Even though it looks simple, Asics invested a lot of money in developing the shoe upper. Each piece was engineered for comfortable hugging, breathability, fit, and durability. When worn, especially if you choose your perfect fit, the shoe will hug your foot perfectly, allowing you to run comfortably for long distances.

Each shoe features FluidFit technology, which includes a multidirectional stretch mesh. The mesh was designed to offer lightweight breathability, allowing you to run for long distances without an irritant feel. This is ideal if you are running in hot climates or your feet sweat a lot.

The upper comes with a customized heel fit, which uses a two-layer memory foam lining in its heel collar. The lining offers better and optimized fit to accommodate all wearers. The shoe is offered with discrete eyelets that are innovatively placed to disperse lace tension, for comfort.

Each shoe sports a reinforced vamp, which increases the shoe’s durability by adding a thin and smooth mesh overlay. The mesh overlay makes the mesh a little thicker to keep it more durable without increasing its overall weight. Asics Gel-Kayano 24 NYC has a heel clutching system,

which is a simple exoskeletal structure that wraps the heel, offering a secure fit at all times.

The shoe is designed with a ComforDry X-40 Sockliner, constructed with an anti-bacterial material, reducing odor and moisture while providing additional cushioning. When you are running for a long distance and you sweat a lot, the shoe offers you comfort all the way. The ComforDry is designed with Strobel Last, which is upper stitched to its full length. This offers enhanced cushioning and offers a moderately soft under-foot feel.

Social Proof

The Asics Gel-Kayano 24 NYC has gained favor with athletes and those who work out daily thanks to its comfort and durability. While researching for this review, I came across a horde or positive reviews with only a single negative review.

Wearers confirm that the shoe was designed to offer comfort and relief to people with feet conditions such as flat feet and plantar fasciitis. Its midsole design accommodates wearers of different arches from high, medium, low, and no arch. This makes the shoe versatile. Most users, however, are happy with how comfortable the shoe feel even after long distance running.

The overall weight of the shoe has been trimmed and the shoe has additional cushioning for comfort. The cushioning on the midsole and on the outsole conforms to the weight of the wearer. Each shoe, as users observe, was designed to distribute weight perfectly to protect the wearers from injuries while ensuring comfort and optimal support in all the right places.

Users are also happy with the breathable mesh upper, saying it offers them comfort when running in hot climate.

Asics Gel-Kayano 24 NYC Alternatives

1. Brooks Men’s Ghost 10

Brooks Men’s Ghost 10The Brooks Ghost has a design similar to the Asics Gel-Kayano 24. Some of its main features include:

• Sports a high energizing cushioning in its interior and midsole surface. Its soft but supportive cushioning mirrors that of the Asics Gel-Kayano 24.

• The upper sports an innovative and breathable mesh with lightweight synthetic overlays for durability. It is the same structure as the Gel Kayano 24, offering durability and hugging the runner’s feet perfectly.

• The removable foam insole provides a gender friendly cushioning, offering you a dynamic ride even for long distance running.

• It is designed with soft blown runner outsole. The patented rubber outsole offers the same function as the Kayano 24 and remains durable for long time use.

• There are different shoe sizes offered to match the needs of all wearers.

2. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34

 Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34Nike is one of the most popular running shoes brand on the market. The AirZoom Pegasus 34 is a shoe designed with high quality features to meet the needs of a runner. Its strength lies in its great balance. Some of its great features are:

• It is designed with a mesh upper just like the Kayano 24. This makes it breathable and highly comfortable. Its Flymesh fabric with a thin overlay makes it comfortable in all situations.

• It is designed with Dynamic Flywire cables, wrapping the the arch of your foot and offering you a snug support. This makes it ideal for all arch types just like the Kayano 24.

• The midsole mirrors that of Kayano24 by offering a responsive feel. It is designed with premium and Cushlon Foam with Zoom air on the forefoot and heel for more comfort.

• Its outsole is designed to offer a perfect heel to toe transition thanks to its rubber stripped bottom. This is combined with its raised rubber sections for better traction.

3. ASICS Men’s Dynaflyte Running Shoe

ASICS Men's Dynaflyte Running ShoeThe DynaFlyte resembles most of the shoes from Asics. It is made of a textile and synthetic material with a mesh top and AHAR rubber bottom. Some of its features include:

• Designed with FlyteFoam Midsole technology. This is more or less like the Asics Kayano 24 where the midsole is designed to offer enhanced support for the fore and rear foot.

• It sports Impact Guidance System, I.G.S, just like the one in Kayano 24 for enhanced heel to toe transition.
• Its discrete eyelets mirror those of the Kayano, making these shoes very similar. The rubber outsole is the same.


The Asics Gel-Kayano 24 NYC is a great shoe if you are looking for comfort, support, and durability. It is ideal for men and women and comes with advanced technology designed to offer you the best experience when running or working out in the gym.

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