5 best running shoes to reduce knee-pain

Running is a drug for some adventurous individuals. Running teaches an individual about one’s limits, and how to push them. Runners feel a type of happiness and freedom that doesn’t have an age limit.
The feeling of accomplishment and the runner’s high makes one feel elevated, invincible and nearly pain-free! That is until the endorphin effects wear off and one is left with the stabbing, throbbing terrible knee pain that was exacerbated from the long miles of running. The best running shoe knee pain absorb through a reliable shock system.

To find out what kind of shoes are necessary for running, it’s important to research what causes knee pain in runners. Usually, pain in a runner’s knee is generated when the cartilage beneath the kneecap breaks down over time, leading to a condition known as chondromalacia patella.

This can occur from several hits against the knee from constant pounding against hard surfaces. Issues with the feet, such as fallen arches and overpronation may also cause knee pain. While one of the recovery methods is to rest the knee and apply ice for twenty to thirty minutes every four hours for two to three days, a runner wants to get back in action and do what he or she does best.

One of the ways that a runner can get back to ship-shape for running is by purchasing a pair of high-quality shoes that meet one’s demanding running needs. The shoes have to be shock absorbing, comfortable and contain arch supports that can help with the positioning of the feet.

Brooks Men’s Addiction 12 

Brooks Men's Addiction 12 

These shoes are specially made for those that pronate more than is considered normal, or for those who have a moderate tendency to pronate. These shoes marry stability that is reinforced with cushion.

They are not heavy shoes and are quite breathable. They manage moisture with an upper mesh layer and synthetic overlays that have proven to be durable. The internal support saddle also offers excellent support. The tongue and collar are padded for comfort.

Part of the breathability occurs due to the action of the Textile Element wicking away moisture from the skin’s surface, in turn, keeping the feet cool and dry. The foam insole is entirely removable. The DNA technology offers an adaptive method of cushioning that molds to one’s foot and accommodates for several shapes of feet, arch sizes, speeds, and sizes.

The BioMoGo midsole gives a high energy return as well, while the Extended Progressive Diagonal Roll bar controls pronation, offering a smooth transition for one’s gait. Landings are more seamless, and these shoes are incredibly durable.

The price ranges from $77.99 to $147.09. Extra wide, narrow and standard widths are offered.

ASICS Women’s Gel-Noosa Tri 11

ASICS Women's Gel-Noosa Tri 11These shoes are synthetic with a rubber sole and have a shaft measurement of approximately 2.5 inches from the arch. The lace-up running shoe has a breathable mesh frontal foot area and also boasts Guidance Line technology to increase efficiency in one’s stride. The forefoot and the rear foot of the shoe also have Gel cushioning to help stabilize the foot. The DuoMax technology offer the needed support.

These shoes come in a variety of amazingly colorful hues and patterns, as well as a style that is a bit more subtle. The sleek design has a construction that appears seamless and prevents blisters and irritations at the forefoot. The embedded, perforated sock-liner also helps breathability as well, as it drains moisture to keep the foot dry. The wet Grip Undersole is impressive for walking on slippery surfaces.
The shoe ranges from $80 to $200, depending on size and design.

Mizuno Wave Shadow Running Shoes

Mizuno Wave Shadow Running ShoesThis shoe is made of textile and synthetic materials while featuring a rubber sole and the shaft measures low-top from the arch. It has a new midfoot cloud wave technology that is cushion amid a foot strike. The anatomical liner of the sock area guarantees a better feel and fit of the shoe, as the Strobel lining also adds a heavenly layer of comfort. Those who used it said that this shoe has an 8 MM drop and it’s similar to the Saucony Kinyara and the Nike Zoom Elite.

This is more of a neutral shoe for those who do not have much of a pronation issue. The reviewers of the shoe loved the interesting effects of the Wave Shadow and feel that it helped to stand out in a field of running shoes. The horseshoe design of the hell reduces the amount of rubber making the shoe more lightweight and fleeting. It may be a bit snug in the midsection, so getting a slightly larger size is recommended. This shoe ranges from $83.00 to $100.00 and comes in mostly medium widths.

New Balance Women’s W1080V7 Running Shoe

 The colors come in a teal blue with green, pink and black, and a pale peach with black. It has a rubber sole with an 8mm drop. The sole is removable, and there are no-sew overlays. Structurally it has a build with a mesh front foot area and with midfoot support system.


The models that help prevent pronation are W1260 and W1340. While the toe box is wider, the form of the toe box keeps the foot in place with a comfortably snug feeling. These shoes are great for those who have arthritis or those who do not any have much fat cushioning under their feet, or even those suffering from knee pain. The cushioning is fantastic even for those with plantar fasciitis. Some runner with this issue felt that it helped them run faster and longer than before.This shoe ranges from $70.93 to $152.00 and is available in narrow, medium and wide sizes.

Onemix Men’s Lightweight Air Cushion Sport 

They feature a rubber slow, are lightweight, breathable, and very comfortable. The 360 air cushioned, deodorant sole with a waffle rubber outsole design provides great cushioning and traction. For reference, the size 10 weight about 0.084 pounds for one shoe, and the size 11 weights 0.81 pounds. Those who wore these shoes mentioned that they looked unique and felt awesome. The lightweight design and heavy cushioning have even arthritic patients mentioning how wonderful the sneakers are. This running  shoe ranges from $60.00 – $70.00, and comes in mostly medium sizes, width wise.


While the aesthetics of the shoe have their purpose, the critical aspect of a shoe for those with knee pains is this: Are they comfortable?

Running has a significant impact on the knee.

8 % of injuries related to running negative implications the lower joints as well as the knees.

A great running shoe helps minimize the damage of running.

No matter what fitness level one is starting at, an excellent quality running shoe is imperative for maximum results, enjoyability factor and reduction of knee pain and knee injuries.

Shoes with gel cushioning systems are excellent at absorbing shocks. Buying shoes that compensate for pronation, or lack of pronation, also help prevent and diminish knee pain.

The best running shoe knee pain absorb through a reliable shock system. Proper arch support is also vital to avoid unnecessary stress from affecting feet arches, as this strain directly travels up the leg and to the knee.

Runners with knee pain can enjoy their activity as long as they have the correct running shoes on their feet.

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